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How Important are Google Reviews for Business Websites?

Google reviews for businesses are important for several reasons. Most obviously, it is a direct testimonial in regards to the quality of your service. Not only that, but for proactive business owners it can be used as a measuring stick for the strengths and weaknesses of your business. From a web performance point of view, Google reviews are important to increase the visibility of your business and in this article, we will tell you why.

How important are Google reviews?

Online reviews for businesses are key to defining how you are perceived. This not only applies to potential customers or users of your service, but also to Google themselves. Google has made a commitment to deliver the very best and most relevant results for local searches. Google reviews are important to define whether your business is worth the visibility in that respect.

Quality and quantity are both important factors when it comes to google reviews for business pages for local SEO. Naturally, those pages that have a greater number of google reviews will attract a greater number of clicks, especially if they are of high quality. Ultimately, the reason why reviews are important comes down to credibility.

So Google Reviews are important. How do you get customers to write them?

It is important to set up a strategy when it comes to google reviews for businesses or a strategy for online reviews for businesses as a whole. Most of the time people do not think to leave a business review unless they have had a negative experience. So, it is important to prompt customers when they have a good experience.

The best practice is to target previous and existing customers who you have built a good relationship with. At the same time put in place a process for future customers where they can be approached following a purchase. Make it as simple as possible for them to leave a review.

Step-by-step guides are always a good way to go. It is also worth investing in other sites that facilitate online reviews for businesses such as Trustpilot or feefo.

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