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Google Launch New Gallery Ads On Search

This year at the Google Marketing Live Keynote, Google announced gallery ads as a new feature to search, whereby images can be shown as ads at the top of the mobile SERP.

What are Gallery Ads?

This new type of ad will appear across search in a  carousel format, featuring a series of images that users can swipe through to see different products or features a business has to offer. This is perfect to visually showcase the best parts of a business and attract more customers to visit the site. 

How do they work?

Gallery ads are created just as you’d create typical search ads. They contain up to three headlines, a URL, four to eight images and each image can have a tagline. 

When are you charged? 

With Gallery Ads, you are charged if someone clicks on the link or if they swipe to the third image.

Why are they important?

Showing images at the top of Google search will make a business stand out more than ever before. Particularly as the Organic landscape is becoming more populated with Organic featured snippets, FAQ concertinas and video and image carousels – Gallery Ads are the logical next step for Google to ensure that their Paid Search ads remain as compelling and seamless as ever!

We can’t wait to start A/B testing these ads to see what kind of engagement they receive, in comparison to Expanded Search Ads!

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