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Facebook Considers Hiding Likes

Since the rise of Facebook as a social media platform, receiving lots of ‘likes’ on your social posts has been of utmost importance to many of us. 

People have been known to delete posts if they do not receive enough likes or attention from their fellow users and friends and even to repost in order to receive as many likes as possible. Many people started to measure their own popularity or self worth by the amount of likes they were receiving on posts and even becoming jealous of their friends who gained more likes.

How Facebook plans to switch this feature up

In an attempt to make the social media platform less stressful, Facebook has recently announced that they have implemented a test, in certain parts of the world, that hid the number of likes on a post in the news feed.

This test was rolled out in some parts of Australia on September 27th, with Facebook allowing the author of the post to see the like metrics, but other users not being able to view this.

Facebook’s reasoning behind this test

“We are running a limited test where like, reaction, and video view counts are made private across Facebook. We will gather feedback to understand whether this change will improve people’s experiences,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an official statement on the test.

KW Digital’s thoughts

Facebook has implemented this test as a way of encouraging people to truly express themselves, rather than just using the platform as a way of measuring their popularity.

With the possible removal of facebook likes, this could cause companies and brands to put more paid media behind sponsored posts – who knows where this test from Facebook could take the social media platform! While the removal of likes is just a temporary experimental feature, it remains uncertain if Facebook will implement this on the platform across the world for good.

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