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How to Refine Campaign Projections

If you’ve ever read our content before, you’ll know we thrive on data. Whether we’re diving deep into audience insights, paid activity, or overall online performance. So, it should come as no surprise that we feel pretty good about ourselves when our predictions become a reality. (I personally like a 30 second dance party…).

Over the past 6 months, KW have been heavily refining the way we report and make predictions. In doing so, we offer daily snapshot reports across a lot of our client accounts to enable visibility across multi-channel campaigning for both our clients and our team. 

This method allows everyone to easily access results at different stages of the customer funnel, across multiple channels, calculating live results against KPIs for the month. 

Using current and historic data, and LOTS of Excel wizardry, we are also able to input different campaign budgets across different platforms and campaigns to predict a calculated outcomes. Which helps minimise wasted ad spend and refine your digital marketing strategy.

What This Meant for ArrivaClick

Having worked with the on-demand transport company, ArrivaClick, on their digital marketing for over a year and using our developed daily snapshots predictions for the last 6 months, we managed to predict the number of Sign Ups that would be achieved within a 0.06% margin of results. 

The projections included calculated predictions of an increased Sign Up Rate and a deduction in Cost Per Acquisition, that hadn’t been achieved before. 

  • Results came with a 0.06% margin of our projections
  • 84% decrease in CPA
  • 180% increase in Sign Up Rate. 

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