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Why businesses are moving the majority of their Advertising Spend to Digital

In a recent study carried out by Marketing Signals, a digital agency based in Altrincham, it has come to light that in the last year, more than half of UK businesses have shifted the majority of their advertising spend budget away from print and toward digital advertising instead.

According to the 1325 marketing professionals involved in the study – 

  • 56% had adjusted their focus away from print advertising in the last year.
  •  64% of respondents said that the reason they had shifted away from print is because with digital advertising, results were “much more measurable, as they are fully trackable and most importantly, attributable”.
  • 62% of professionals involved stated that compared to traditional advertising methods, the increase in conversions was another reason that they shifted focus.
  • Over half of the respondents (55%, to be exact) said that with digital they could reach a more targeted audience that is suited to their brand.
  • While 37% said they were actively using social media advertising as a tool to acquire new customers.

Additionally, according to the latest research and data from the Advertising Association and WARC, national, regional and magazines are all forecasting drops in print advertising spend this year.

In today’s cultural climate with the immense power of the internet and social media, it comes as no surprise to us at KW Digital that many businesses are shifting their advertising focus and budget to digital spend.

Here at KW Digital, we pride ourselves on our love for data and insights as we like to use these in our digital advertising campaigns. We develop hypotheses that allow us to test and refine our theories until we obtain the results that we set out to achieve.

We like to bring our tangible approach and obsession with ROI to the table – completely backing up many of the reasons for the shift to digital advertising that were provided by respondents in the study mentioned above. 

Digital advertising can be much more efficient in terms of allocating and sticking to a specified budget, and another perk of digital advertising is the tracking process. It is much easier to report on whether specified advertising campaigns are increasing your conversion rate. 

If you are considering making the leap from print to digital advertising spend, why not get in touch with us to see how KW Digital can help you!

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