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Moz’s new domain analysis tool

Popular marketing software company, Moz has recently launched a new free domain analysis tool that provides a quick overview of top SEO metrics for any domain name.

Moz's new SEO tool

Which SEO metrics does this tool showcase?

The MOZ tool showcases a quick preview of many top SEO metrics in one place, including:

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Linking Root Domains
  3. # of Ranking Keywords
  4. Spam Score
  5. Top Pages
  6. Top Linking Domains
  7. Discovered and Lost Links
  8. Keywords by Estimated Clicks (new)
  9. Top Ranking Keywords
  10. Top Featured Snippets (new)
  11. Top Branded Keywords (new)
  12. Keyword Ranking Distribution
  13. Top Search Competitors (new)
  14. Top Search Questions (new)

With Moz’s new SEO tool, you’ll get a high-level look at a range of SEO metrics for your website — or your competitors’ sites — to identify potential SEO opportunities.

This innovative new tool from Moz also features a new variety of experimental metrics not available anywhere else, as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

Previews of Moz's new SEO feature

Keywords by Estimated Clicks

Keywords by Estimated Clicks uses ranking position, search volume, and estimated click-through rate (CTR) to estimate just how many clicks each keyword generates for the domain in question – this could be really useful when looking at the SEO metrics of competitors.

Top Featured Snippets

The Top Featured Snippet feature informs you on which keywords a site ranks for that triggers a featured snippet, and whether or not that site owns the snippet.

Branded Keywords

This new SEO metric is particularly interesting. Branded keywords are a type of navigational query in which users are searching for a particular site or brand name and historically it has been difficult to know, unless you are Google, what a site’s branded keywords actually are. This new tool provides you with the highest volume keywords reflecting the site’s brand.

Why we are excited by this new SEO tool

These new SEO metrics have been introduced since Moz themselves “believe they are useful to SEO”. A lot of the experimental SEO metrics aren’t available in the paid version of Moz, which is why this new tool is causing a lot of excitement in the world of digital marketing and SEO.

As a member of the SEO team here at KW Digital, I think that this new domain analysis tool could be incredibly helpful when carrying out SEO audits on clients since we will be provided with a new insight on the performance of the domain in question, as well as the performance of potential competitors.

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