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Google Maps marketing explained

Google Maps provides businesses with an easy way to market their goods and services to anyone with access to a mobile device. To ensure long-term online visibility for your business, it is paramount that you show up in Google Maps. Which is why optimising your online business presence on Google Maps will help you rank better within research results.

What is Google Maps marketing?

Google Maps marketing impacts the way Google views your business and whether it will appear in key organic search results known as “the local 3-pack”. These Google Maps search results appear at the top of the page in Google search and can channel hundreds of potential customers towards your website. Unless your business ranks within the local 3-pack, chances of being found immediately is exponentially lower. For this reason, Google Maps marketing is considered to be the most important part of local SEO.

How to rank better with Google Maps marketing

There are a number of factors which Google takes into consideration when deciding how it ranks websites on Google Maps results. For example, the user’s location is an obvious factor, as is how relevant the business category is to their search. What is more important is how complete and accurate your Google My Business listing is, as well as how many good reviews your business has on recognised reviews platforms. We at KW Digital find this can often be the deciding factor between how well a business ranks compared to competitors within local search results.

Getting good online reviews can be as easy as asking customers for a review following their order or interaction with your website. Other ways include prominent signage to leave a review after checkout, featuring prompts to leave a review on promotional materials such as business cards or offering something complimentary to customers that might feature a prompt to leave a review online. Posting from your Google Business listing is an underused feature which can also help distinguish your GMB profile from your competitors.

Finally, we advise tracking performance on Google Maps via Google Analytics. It is necessary to frequently evaluate your web presence and assess what needs to be optimised. To help keep it simple, we have selected the five key metrics you should consider:

  1. Which Google services are customers using to find your business?
  2. Where are customers viewing your business on Google? 
  3. What actions are site visitors taking?
  4. Where are your users coming from?
  5. How well are your photos performing?

Key takeaways for Google Maps marketing

To get the most out of Google Maps marketing; remember to make sure your GMB profile is as accurate and as relevant as possible, ensure information is consistent across the web, regularly double-check all listed information, cultivate good reviews, use your GMB profile to talk about your business and routinely add high-quality pictures. Support this with using Google Analytics to adapt your local SEO strategies and list your business in local directories and you will be on your way to Google Maps success!

Google Maps Marketing tips and best practice with KW Digital.

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