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Killer outreach techniques

Outreach can be really difficult. However, effective outreach means aligning a highly qualified prospect with a pitch that is personalised, whilst also scalable; so you can produce not just one well-written email, but a hundred hard-hitting, response-generating emails! Here what our SEO Account Manager Sam has to say about outreach.

So, here’s the KW Digital crash course in how to get those links through outreach.

What you’ll need

  • A new Gmail account
  • Placement content with your target anchors placed
  • A subscription to an SEO site to check the Domain Authority and spam scores of the sites you’re targeting.  We recommend Moz or Ahrefs.

What do you need to do

  1. The very first thing you need to do is look at exactly how you rank and how you want to rank. This will help you establish how many links you need to build. I would start this by manually searching Google for keyword terms and seeing who is there, these are the people I would consider as suitable targets. Once you’ve got enough contacts, it’s time to start the initial outreach.

  2. Carefully craft the perfect email that sells the importance of your article, including the stats and results it’s backed up by. Tailor each email to each site, and find the correct person or team to contact – don’t just send out a blanket email and hope for the best.  A ‘spray and pray’ approach rarely works!

  3. The next part of the process is really important – negotiate, negotiate, negotiate! Respond to sites who will post content and engage in a discussion about the rates for doing so. If you don’t have a budget, but you do have future linking opportunities – be honest about your situation! Tell the site owner this and try to negotiate for future content placements.

  4. Gain a placement! Outreach can be a laborious task, full of trial and error, and in many cases – no responses at all. But, by engaging in the conversation, sending a carefully crafted email, and negotiating, you could land the perfect content placement that does wonders for your backlink profile.

Other methods of outreach

Content outreach doesn’t just mean reaching out to blog and news sites for a placement. It can also include sharing relevant content in Syndicated Content feeds, or blogging on forum sites, such as Reddit or Quora. Guest blogging is also a perfect opportunity to get your content out there, generate a relationship with a blog or site that is relevant to your industry, and sign up for guest blogging opportunities.  

Interested in outreaching content to grow your link profile? Outreach is one of KW Digital’s expert skills. Speak to us about how we can help.

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