Welcome to KW Digital

What we are offering is revolutionary and unique in the world of digital marketing.

We will harness and integrate the contribution of your existing digital assets and combine them with our laser-like focus on actionable insights that will increase conversions through your business. Our deliverable to your business will move away from the more traditional digital agency approach, where the focus has perhaps been more typically on web traffic, web impressions and CTR. Instead, we will bring energy and focus to the successful generation of customer leads and enhanced conversion rates.

How we do it

Data & Insights

Our approach is always an analytical one and begins with data and insights. By interrogating and analysing the data that is available to us, we can identify potential reasons and explanations as to why we are seeing certain circumstances or behaviours.

Developing hypotheses

Based on the insights we uncover, we can then develop hypotheses, or experiments, that will allow us to test and refine our theories until we obtain the results we set out to achieve – which in our case is always conversion targets.

Conversion results

We then influence user behaviour through successful implementation of website assets and high performing acquisition campaigns. Typically, it takes us 3-6 months to achieve our targets, depending on the scale.

Attract New Customers

You love your brand, you cherish your website, but it’s not enough. You want new customers - and you want them quickly.


Retain Customers

Your SOV is strong and your online presence is booming, but you are suffering from leaky bucket syndrome.


Convert Existing Traffic

You’re happy with your traffic and your market share is growing, but your conversion rates are letting the side down.


Online Presence

You have a brand you want to shout about from the rooftops, and a product or service offering that is unique.

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Our Showreel

At KW Digital, we pride ourselves in being experts in data & insights. This approach allows us to deliver campaigns with maximum control over conversions. If you are looking for a digital agency that will share your risk and help you plan, we’re probably the right agency for you. We recruit based on our values: Integrity, Inquisition & Ambition. We are honest and transparent and we don’t over commit, we believe that we can never know enough, and we are always pushing forwards. 

So, what have we achieved so far? Our showreel below gives you the highlights. We have flexed our interior design muscles and moved into brand new purpose-built offices. We have taken our head count to 20. We have danced at festivals, dusted off our snow boots at Chill Factore and eaten lots of pizza at Pizza Hut. We have also taken on Uber by launching an innovative transport app for Arriva! But most importantly, we have developed a company and culture where knowledge and continuous improvement is an essential ingredient.

Digital Lab

Get insights from Digital experts

The Digital Lab is our knowledge hub – the place to get the latest industry news, innovations and top tips. We share inspiring quotes, useful reads, and snippets of information that you will want to share with your friends and colleagues.
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