About Us

KW Digital is a digital agency that takes a consultative approach to digital marketing. We tailor our products and services to offer bespoke solutions for our customers, based on their marketing objectives and ROI ambitions. Our knowledge base is grounded in the world of engineering and manufacturing. However, we have long since branched out into the wider B2B market, lending our analytical, transparent, results-based solutions to clients in the leisure, financial, professional, retail and service sectors.

Sit down, take a seat

What if we told you that we could predict how much revenue we could generate for your brand, before you spent a penny? What if we could define KPI targets, before you submitted a business case? That is what we are all about. We bring Digital to the centre of everything – where tangible results rule and impactful changes can be made.

Powerful design

We design creatives for each audience group, at each stage of the marketing funnel

Integrated campaigns

We know how to impact conversion, which channels to use and when to use them

Intuitive development

We build from the user upwards, satisfying the requirements throughout their journey

Test, refine, improve

We take split A/B testing to the next level, constantly refining and improving our process

Our Journey

Our Journey In Pictures