Convert Existing Traffic

You’re happy with your traffic and your market share is growing, but your conversion rates are letting the side down. Whether it’s lead generation or online transactions, ROI is really what you need to see. Don’t panic – here is what we can do to help.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Remarketing campaigns are known to generate conversion rates that are around 3 times higher than other campaigns, which makes them kind of a big deal. This is because people are constantly learning, so are likely to keep re-visiting sites until they feel they are confident to make an informed decision, like whether those jeans really are too expensive.

It is often during repeat visits that people are most likely to convert. This is why, in addition to running powerful acquisition campaigns, brands should be nurturing potential customers by bringing them back to the site through remarketing campaigns across all channels.

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Target content to audience groups and increase conversion by 540%.

Conversion rate Optimisation (CRO)

We know from data and insights that, by creating specific locational pages, we can increase organic traffic by 80% and conversions by 141%. Or, we know that if we tailor content to appeal to specific audiences groups, we can see an uplift in conversions by 545%.

Don’t be scared of the numbers – this sort of approach allows you to see the impact on the bottom line, before even a penny has been spent. The definition of CRO is the ‘process of improving the percentage of visitors who complete the desired goal on your website’ i.e. those who convert! Whether a conversion for you is a transaction or a lead, only by impacting the stages before, can we impact the end-result.

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