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The Digital Lab is not a blog. It is a knowledge hub – a place to get the latest industry news, innovations and top tips. We share inspiring quotes, useful reads, and snippets of information that you will want to share with your friends and colleagues. Tap into KW’s very own team of digital experts and read about the latest tactics that we are deploying. We will share our learning from real life campaigns and the tests that we are running. Help us crack the secrets behind the algorithms and drive best practise forward.
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Why Optimisation Beats New Content Production

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Facebook Considers Hiding Likes


How Important are Google Reviews for Business Websites?

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Google’s interactive Easter Eggs


Why FAQs are Important to your SEO Strategy and How to Write a Good FAQ Page.

G for Google
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The Latest 2019 Core Algorithm Update

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Aligning with Facebook’s Algorithm Preferences

Google stars for ratings
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Stars in your… ads?

New starter at KW Digital
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KW Digital’s Newest Geek

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Held to Ransom by Google? Basecamp’s Attitude to Having to Pay for Branded Traffic


Importance of Wider Thinking for Keyword Research