Online Presence

You have a brand you want to shout about from the rooftops, and a product or service offering that is unique – you just need more people to shout at! In the least aggressive way possible. In order to gain this, you need to know your audience and know how to get to them.


Everything we do at KW Digital is based on data and insights. In an industry that can become quite muddied by smoke and mirrors, it is essential to harness the power of your existing digital assets to increase leads, enquiries and opportunities online – because nobody wants a muddy mirror.

We glean data to pinpoint insights, such as returning users converting 4.5 times better than new users. We then develop hypotheses and ways of testing how to increase the rate of high-converting returning users. Then we strike, and the impact on the bottom line is our KPI.

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Returning users converting 4.5 times better than new users.

Digital Strategy

Your Digital Strategy should be the strongest element of your marketing departments solution. It should the roadmap that everyone follows to achieve digital success (preferably in a red Ferrari).

The strategy should be based on data and insights (not on hunches) and it should be measurable – clear KPIs should be set to measure success. A unified digital strategy will ensure all of your channels are working together in harmony, with the overall brand objective guiding everything smoothly.

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We don’t just build websites that look fancy – they’re not just pretty faces. We build websites that perform amazingly well in the search engines – they load fast, they rank well and they outperform your competitors (take that, competitors!).

From a solid site architecture and site-wide keyword strategy, to high-authority landing pages and an error-free technical crawl, having a well thought out website strategy will see your site climb the rankings faster than Tarzan after six espresso shots.

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Increase share of voice by 450% following a KW website build.