BST Detectable

About The Client

BST are one of the world’s leading suppliers of metal detectable and X-ray visible products, which are widely used in the food industry. Detectable products are primarily produced from modified food safe plastics and rubbers, designed to increase food safety by being visually, electromagnetically and X-ray visible. First formed in 1985, BST was quick to establish itself as a leading supplier and innovator in the production of products, materials and equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Project Brief

BST approached KW Digital to develop a new Magento e-commerce website that would drive online sales of their detectable and X-ray visible products. This required extensive project management, from the technical creation of a Magento e-commerce site, through to the design of a sleek WordPress frontend.

At a glance...



When developing BST’s website, KW Digital executed a full web build, ensuring complete Magento and WordPress integration. As part of our delivery, we were able to develop a custom built credit reference facility, which allows BST to quickly and accurately check a company’s credit score and offer them an instant credit agreement based on their score, using third party software. KW Digital also developed PDF technical specification downloads for every one of BST’s extensive line of products, as well as configuring all their custom options.


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    KW Digital was able to deliver a fully integrated Magento and WordPress site within a matter of mere months.

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    Cataloguing a vast array of products, such as BST’s, is easy and intuitive with our Magento websites.

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    We delivered additional bespoke features, like the credit rating system, to meet BST’s individual requirements.