About The Client

Monomer is a manufacturing and engineering company that stocks high quality elastomer products. Monomer is famous for quality of care, which is shaped by their history, experience and ethics. Over the years, they have adjusted their business model to deliver ‘off the shelf’ elastomeric products of distinction and have earned an enviable reputation within the rubber industry as a result.

“We are very happy with our Magento site, as well as the high level of service we have received throughout.”

Claire Clarke - Sales & Trading Manager at Monomer

Project Brief

KW Digital was approached to create a website for Martin’s Rubber’s sister company, Monomer, which would act as an online store, stocking elastomer products. This required a complex Magento e-commerce website build, integrating nearly 15,000 products, within a tight deadline of just 12 weeks. On completion of the website, further marketing techniques, including Search Engine Optimisation and content marketing, were required to enable Monomer to thrive in a very competitive online environment.

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Our digital marketing strategy for Monomer incorporated four main elements: the website build, content marketing, website optimisation and PPC. Initially, we worked to create a Magento site that would allow users to buy products online, generating sales and increase Monomers online trade. This included the integration of close to 15,000 products, both configurable and simple, as well as generating Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) codes. KW Digital also hard-coded product filter and custom options, as well as integrating Google Shopping and Pay Pal functionality. Effectively, we implemented the logic to enable scalability and future-proofing of the Monomer site. That gives Monomer the opportunity to continually build and improve their offering.

Following the completion of the website, keyword research was carried out in order to determine appropriate industry keywords to target. This keyword research aided the creation of a keyword strategy, used in both content marketing and website optimisation, to increase the authority of the Monomer website and help them turn acquisition into sales. As part of our SEO package, we produced ongoing high quality content for their blog, along with continued web page optimisation.

Monomer also required PPC campaigns in order to increase their chances of online sales. Our strategic PPC campaigns included competitor and keyword research, campaign build, optimisation and management. Along with search network PPC, Monomer also opted to advertise on Google Shopping. We also publish optimised Monomer content on Process Industry Forum – our respected PR platform for the engineering sector. This additional service ensures that Monomer are able to achieve page one Google rankings for their keywords within 24 hours of us posting content, and high authority back-links to their own website; a critical determinant for SEO excellence.


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    Increased Traffic

    As a direct result of our efforts to improve SEO-friendly elements of the Monomer website, we effected a 14% increase in organic traffic to their site within the first three months of working together.

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    Lead Generation

    Our ongoing PPC campaign management has delivered an increased through-flow of traffic to their website, which has undoubtedly resulted in increased business leads.

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    Technical Content

    Moreover, we were able to deliver a high volume of original, optimised technical content that not only freed up time for the client but also helped to improve their Google ranking, generate high authority back-links and improve their ‘social referral’.