Process Industry Forum (PIF) is the number one content marketing platform for the Process Industry. Let us engineer your digital success today.

In Process Industry Forum (PIF), KW Digital has the only industry-specific content marketing platform that can guarantee your business: Page 1 Google rankings within 24-hours of us posting your fully SEO optimised content; exposure to 100,000+ engaged industry professionals; high quality lead generation and enquiries; and a quantifiable Return on Investment, based on clear-cut data.

Why you should choose PIF

Page 1 Google rankings within 24-hours

Thanks to Process Industry Forum’s high authority, with Google and our audience, we can ensure that your original content (which we will optimise for you, ensuring that it is fully SEO ready) is indexed by Google and ranks on Page 1 within 24-hours of being published.

100,000+ engaged monthly audience

Our marketing platform’s online audience of tens of thousands of engineers and high value Process Industry propositions is growing all the time. That means that we can put your content, products and services in front of a large, highly engaged audience.

High quality enquiries

We can outreach your optimised content to your target audience. We favour high quality, targeted exposure that will result in warm leads and converted enquiries from customers with a real need for your products.

Genuine ROI, evidenced by data

Unlike traditional Marketing, PR and Advertising, we can back up our claims with hard evidence of how your budget spend is translating into digital success, thanks to excellent analytics, monitoring & reporting.

Unique proposition

We are the only content marketing platform that is completely dedicated to the Process Industry and can deliver guaranteed results for your business.

Industry knowledge and experience

We have more than 30 years’ experience working within the Process Industry. We know the sector intimately, which means we understand your products, processes and business values better than anyone.

Professional SEO experts

We are professional digital marketers. We have made it our business to deliver highly effective SEO solutions and lead generation. It’s what we do every day. So, you can be sure that you are in the very capable hands of experts.

Save time and money

We’ll do the hard work of optimising your content and executing the outreach to put your content in front of the right audience. Compared to traditional PR, Marketing and Advertising budgets, and their limited reach and reporting, we can maximise your budget spend to deliver high volume, high value online traffic.

Gain market position

We can feature your business, and collate all your valuable online content, within your very own, high value ‘Hub’ on our PIF marketing platform – giving your brand maximum exposure by leveraging PIF’s high authority for your own gains.