01. Background

ArrivaClick is an on-demand, app-based transport service that operates in Liverpool, Merseyside and Sittingbourne, Kent. The revolutionary service allows customers to book and pay for a seat onboard a luxury minibus, grouping them with users who are making a similar journey. This ensures that customer commutes are less time-consuming than a public bus, more cost-effective than a taxi and that customers can even make friends along the way (if they feel like it).

With the Liverpool service due to launch in late August 2018, KW Digital needed to produce a bespoke social media strategy that maximised brand awareness, drove conversions, and retained customer interest and app use. We couldn’t wait to ‘jump on board’ (sorry) and get started.

With little data available to formulate a strategy within a new location, we needed to establish who our key audiences were by completing in-depth audience analysis and competitor research. Alongside this, our messaging needed to resonate with the new audiences and tap into their personal needs for the service.

02. What we did

Audience research and competitor analysis were carried out to establish 4 macro audiences and 12 micro audiences across social channels.

Paid campaigns were planned and implemented across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. Using several objectives (Brand Awareness, Conversion, and Retention) to complete the customer journey and achieve KPIs.

A/B audience testing was also carried out across audiences and channels. Tailored messaging and a different tone of voice was used for each audience, with the intention of appealing to the individual affinities. Video and image assets were also created for use in paid campaigns to accompany audience targeting.

Using micro audiences, we were able to segment engagement results to establish effective targeting for future campaigns.

Remarketing was used to target people who had downloaded the app, along with encouraging first-time use or repeat use of the service to increase customer retention.

03. What we achieved

Impressions in the first 6 months.
Video content views.
Download & App installs.
Click-to-conversion rate across all channels.