01. Background

Bluedot is a booming music festival that takes place in Cheshire every July, since 2014. A family-friendly event, it provides celebrations of music, science and culture. With something for everybody, it’s no surprise that so many people are donning their wellies every summer to get their cultural fix.

Relatively new to the UK festival scene, Bluedot had a lack of brand awareness and brand reach around the festival, which was resulting in a low volume of ticket sales and general disappointment all round. Bluedot had three very distinct audiences, that needed bespoke targeting via cross channelling to help them complete their journey to the magic check-out page.

We also established it was hard to measure what was working well and what wasn’t, due to the previous lack of data and reporting. But we got there!

02. What we did

We identified four distinct macro audiences that required different messaging across Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Display, and YouTube.

For each audience, we created ads for each stage of the buying funnel (awareness, consideration, conversion and remarketing). This allowed us to effectively encourage them through the purchasing process.

Streamlined tracking to enable full reporting of macro and micro goal completions.

After noticing there were more sales at certain times in the month, we adjusted campaign schedules and budgets to reflect this.

After noticing that certain audience groups were quicker to convert than others, we implemented different remarketing lists over different periods of time to reflect this.

03. What we achieved

Increase in brand awareness and brand re-call.
Increase in ticket sales across all four audience groups.
Increase in ROAS, from an average ROAS of 5 to 46.