01. Background

Health Rack is a family-run health supplements company, who have been operating for over 30 years and have retail stores all over the North West of England. You’ll probably have noticed them – they radiate health and wellness like beacons, and stand out among the chip and kebab shops, willing you to be a better person.

When Health Rack first came to KW Digital, they had encountered a number of challenges both externally and internally, which had left their online proposition in doubt as to whether it was viable for them to continue trading online.

The challenge for us was to re-purpose (or rebuild) the Health Rack website and to quickly help them to turn it into a suitable platform for their customer base. The website needed to be both functional, simple to use and above all, profitable.

Health Rack needed a future-proof website – a website so advanced, the Avengers would be proud – with improvements to their click to sale conversion rate and average order value. They also needed a lot more traffic to help drive online sales, as they only ranked in the organic search listings for brand-related terms.

02. What we did

Health Rack’s existing website (previously built using Magento 1.9) was dated and restrictive, it simply wasn’t able to achieve what they wanted. We needed to rebuild the Health Rack website from the ground up using Magento 2, updating their existing offering with fresh content, functionality and 3rd party plugins to achieve their vision.

Health Rack then introduced a new product line to their offering and wanted to prioritise this as part of their digital strategy.  We created a specific organic search strategy around the new range of products and dedicated a section of the website to make this a centralised hub.  We optimised the hub and the products extensively, with both organic ranking and customer usability in mind.

We then assessed and adjusted the internal and external linking strategy across their product base to create an ideal customer journey.

Following this, we created blog articles, new website content, outreach pieces and video content. We combined this ‘content heavy’ approach with a backlinking strategy to demonstrate Health Rack’s authority on the topic.

You can see on the results panel below the impact this work had on Health Rack’s business.

03. What we achieved

Keywords ranked on page 1 for a new product line.
Increase in online revenue within 6 months.
Increase in organic website sessions within a 6-month period.
Increase in avg. basket value.