TL;DR - You need to get under the skin of what is happening to really understand where you can go and what you can achieve.

We can really spoil you and provide independent digital marketing audits, from technical and analytical to paid and content audits. Let us help you understand exactly how your site is performing and how this compares against your direct and indirect online competitors (the fiends), as well as industry averages. After completing an audit, you will be able to gain a better understanding into how to minimise your business’ online weaknesses and how to build on your strengths.

Drawing from our own extensive experience in digital best practice, we can help identify any opportunities to leverage and how you can protect your business from any potential and terrifying threats online. By the end of the audit, you will have a clear roadmap of priorities to address to help drive your digital strategy (preferably in a vintage Porsche), so that you can meet your digital marketing objectives.

Technical Audit

If you want your website to rank in Search Engines better, gain better traffic and ultimately get more conversions, the answer could lie with the pesky creature that is technical SEO. Through carrying out a technical SEO audit, you can gain a better insight into the types of technical errors across your site (don’t worry, we all have them), that are preventing picky Google bots from crawling your site and placing it within the organic listings.

With technical SEO, we like to get knee deep and muddy when uncovering crawler issues by using tools like Search Console, Screaming Frog, Moz and more. A technical SEO audit will equip you with all you need to ensure your site can benefit from a clean crawl, which we promise is not as weird as it sounds.

Analytics Audit

Google Analytics can be a really useful tool to allow you to make better data-driven decisions. Whether that’s conversion tracking, funnel visualisation, interests tracking – the list is endless. However, with such a powerful tool comes great responsibility, and it can easily become a wasted opportunity if Analytics hasn’t been set-up correctly.

Don’t worry, this is where we can help. We can conduct an audit of your Analytics property to help ensure everything is being properly tracked, so that you have accurate and usable data at your disposal, ready to rock and roll. But that’s not all. Our insights experts can also help you assess which channels and audiences generate the highest conversion rates, as well as which pages and channels are contributing to the highest volume of traffic and conversions.

Competitor Audit

A competitor audit allows you to understand who your online competitors are, whether there are new entrants, how they position themselves and what they have to offer. Think of yourselves as a cheerleading team, and them the opposition. You have to take them down.

These elements are crucial when it comes to ensuring your business is clearly differentiated and remains attractive to your target audience. Often, concerns around traffic drops and infrequent conversions during busy periods can be linked to competitor activity. This is why it is important to understand your online competitors.

More importantly, you need to keep an eye on any changes in competitor activity, to gauge what they are doing, what impact this could have on your business and what steps you need to take to remain competitive and relevant to your audience. Keep your enemies close…

Content Audit

If you are looking to assess all your indexable content across your site to determine which are your best performing pieces of content, which pieces require improvement and which need to be brutally struck off altogether, a content audit could be what you’ve been searching for all this time.

A content audit will allow you to uncover any content gap opportunities across your site, which keywords you should be targeting like a pro darts player in order to meet your objectives, and how you could improve your Share of Voice (SOV) to gain better visibility for key topics. Not only this, a content audit will help outline any untapped content marketing opportunities to trial, and how to leverage the strongest pages on your Domain.

Link Audit

Backlinking audits allow you to check if your site is in better shape than Dwayne Johnson, before you begin optimising pages and bringing further traffic to your site. Link audits allow you to assess if there are any spammy backlinks or referring Domains pointing to your site, which could potentially harm any future SEO activity or even result in a Google penalty.

As well as assessing the spam score and equity of external links, carrying out a link audit helps you assess the state of your site’s internal-linking structure, and it could be messy. Here, it’s important to identify whether you have a hierarchy of internal links in place, so that your site can be efficiently crawled by Google. This can secure those all-important optimal organic ranking positions, and we can all go home happy.

Paid Audit

Paid audits allow you to dive head first into your campaigns to uncover areas that could use further attention, or could be re-worked to improve performance and reduce wasteful spend. Paid audits aren’t only invaluable when your paid account isn’t performing very well, but can also be useful when your account has been managed by the same team for a long time. After all, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. But we can!

A lot of the time, a fresh perspective can help. Carrying out a paid audit will enable you to determine which campaigns are most profitable and which of your campaigns are burning through budgets faster than Katie Price burns through husbands, with little Return on Ad Spend. Paid audits are also great for highlighting new opportunities that could help improve paid conversion rates, or increase your reach amongst a relevant users.