TL;DR - Content should be created with a strategy in mind – targeting audience sets at the different stages of the marketing funnel.

Written content and rich media provide a wealth of organic ranking opportunities for businesses. Google bots love crawling quality articles and website pages, that are full of yummy long-tail keywords and teleporting links – just like PacMan munching on those snack pellets.

All of this information is stored away in Google’s index, until the most relevant user query is typed into the search bar. So, when little Jenny Jones from Wolverhampton asks Google the most effective way to recover from a cold without a trip to the doctors, you can bet your Top 10 Home Remedies for the Common Cold article will be high up on the results page. But where’s the best place to start when generating interesting articles and exciting videos? How can you ensure your content reaches the most relevant traffic for your business?

Keyword Research

Delving into the minds of your audience is the most sure-fire way to reach them through your website content. Researching the genuine queries users are typing into the search bar gives you a spooky advantage – like a kind of ‘web-wizard’ Derren Brown, but without the weird beard.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner will give you an insight into monthly search volumes and keyword themes. So, you’ll understand how many users are searching particular queries each month and what locations these searches are coming from. For help with more obscure questions, Answer the Public is a great tool to try. From a single keyword, you’ll uncover hundreds of searches related to your subject. Just remember to use the right keywords to reach the right audience.

Content Strategy

It’s important to set a content strategy at the start of your campaign. That way you’ll assess the users you want to reach and the most relevant keywords to reach them, as well as the type of content that will be most effective.

A good strategy means better results. For example, some research into your audience should confirm that you actually have multiple audience types, even if you don’t realise it right now. To reach these different audience groups successfully, you will need to create different types of content tailored to each one. Content will differ per its overall purpose. Different content to build brand awareness, for example, and different content to show product specs or break down big concepts.

Articles & Whitepapers

In depth whitepapers and snappy articles serve very different purposes in your content strategy. Articles rank well for rich snippets and long-tail queries, whereas whitepapers and hefty guides help boost your Domain Authority for more topical themes.

For businesses in the finance, legal or manufacturing sector, you may find that you have several big concepts you need to get across to your audience. It is important to break down big subject matters and deliver this information in a way that is punchy and grabs attention. A great way to gain authority for short-tail keywords and high level, topical themes is to create large authoritative pieces of content, such as whitepapers and comprehensive guides.

Rich Media

Video guides, animated clips and colourful infographics are social media gold. Building content that’s fun, intuitive and educational gives you an edge. It also means a tonne of social shares and increased share of voice, which is a big thumbs up all round from Google.

Videos can be hosted on your YouTube channel, which is great for building your social media audience and growing your online presence. Many CMS platforms can integrate your YouTube videos too. This means the content can be hosted on YouTube and embedded through an iframe on your webpages. There’s no risk of slowing down site speed or using up too much bandwidth – content that shouts in a different way than the rest will get you noticed.


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Chris Makin – MGA Controls Ltd