TL;DR - CRO: the process of improving the percentage of visitors who complete the desired goal on your website.

We never just act on impulse at KW Digital – we ground everything we do in data and insights. Just like you used to do in science class, we go on to formulate hypotheses and from here we implement, test and refine. This approach means that we can predict results, like a digital psychic, and therefore build a business case to invest. It also means that we can more accurately control our CRO techniques, to ensure the desired results are met.

We know from data and insights that by creating specific locational pages, we can increase organic traffic by 80% and conversions by 141%. Or, we know that if we tailor content like an expensive suit to facilitate specific audiences groups, we can see an uplift in micro conversions by 545% and macro conversions by 170%. This sort of approach allows you to see the impact on the bottom line, before even a penny has been spent.


The first place to start with CRO is to understand your audiences. We take data from Google Analytics and carry out thorough industry analysis to understand your macro and micro audiences in detail.

We want to know where they hang out online, what media they consume, which competitors they buy from, what their demographics are, what their purchasing funnel and what their decision making process looks like. We want to know everything, and we’re not playing it cool. If we know this, we can understand how to disrupt the customer journey with messaging that appeals to them – we know how to drive them down the purchasing funnel.


Analytics can tell us so much about your online performance and can help us find those deserted digital wastelands in need of improvement. By understanding the user flows and paths for conversion through a website, we can understand how and why users are dropping off certain pages. It’s not them, it’s you – but we’re here to help.

We can understand which landing pages users are engaging with the most, and we can understand the user intent behind the traffic across the different channels. Once we understand these things, we can begin to act on our findings and roll out changes to your site that will inevitably improve user experience and conversions. We’ll help you win them back, just watch us.


Everything we do is ultimately about conversions. The definition of CRO is the ‘process of improving the percentage of visitors who complete the desired goal on your website’ i.e. those who convert! Whether a conversion for you is an actual transaction on the website, or the generation of a high-quality lead, only by impacting the stages before can we impact the end-result.

For example, we know that returning users are 3-4 times more likely to convert, or we know that landing pages with videos can increase conversion rate by 57%. These insights, along with the insights specific to your users and website, allow us to make huge improvements to overall conversion rates.


The first place to start in the world of CRO is a CRO audit. Here, we would take a look at all the factors of your website that are not contributing to conversions as they should be. A CRO audit would include A/B testing, where we test the success of different landing pages for conversion. We would heatmap your website to understand more accurately how your visitors flow through your site and how they engage with strategically placed CTAs. What’s hot and what’s not, if you will.

We analyse user journeys and pinpoint key drop-off points, where users are virtually walking the plank, that need to be strengthened. We also look at key success points that need to be replicated – they brought in traffic once, they can do it again! The outcome is a strategic report, with prioritised areas for improvement.