Magento – Bespoke

KW Digital’s bespoke Magento web-store builds give you the flexibility to customise and extend your platform to create unique customer experiences.

Consumer behaviour is evolving on a daily basis, quickly making today’s bleeding edge innovation yesterday’s news. With a bespoke Magento e-commerce site from KW Digital, you can adapt quickly to your market’s buying habits and stay one step ahead of their buying patterns. KW Digital will present you with bespoke Magento solutions that are as individual as your business and customer base.

When an off-the-shelf website doesn’t match the scale or scope of your sales ambitions, then a custom-built Magento web-store is the optimal solution. Giving you the unbridled freedom and flexibility that you crave, our bespoke builds will take your e-commerce presence to the next level and make your business truly stand out from your competitors.

Customisable and Scalable Solutions

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 boasts powerful merchandising capabilities, cutting edge site search, and the ability to segment and target customers with personalised content to triple your sales growth. The latest edition of Magento also offers an unlimited ability to customise and seamless third-party integrations. All of which means that you can tailor the look, feel and functionality of your store to your unique specifications.

With a KW Digital bespoke Magento web-store, we can supercharge the performance of your site with:

  • Flexible Product Catalogue
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Third-Party Applications and Extensions
  • Custom Development
  • Global Commerce
  • Bespoke Magento CMS Development

Besides the standard features of Magento, KW Digital specialises in developing industry specific modules and automation systems for businesses that are partnered with several vendors and data suppliers. Or, if you require a multi-store front – covering a range of territories, languages and currencies – then KW Digital can provide you with the perfect solution. We can also hand-pick some of the most powerful and effective third party extensions, both free and commercial, that enable us maximise the functionality of your web-store even further.