Magento – Maintenance

KW Digital is 100% committed to maintaining the performance of your Magento web-store at all times, offering dedicated, rapid and professional maintenance support.

KW Digital takes maintenance seriously. Whether you have invested in a full Magento web-store build, or have chosen to migrate your Magento site to one of our hosting packages, we aim to give you the best possible performance at all times. At KW Digital, we are not in the business of developing or hosting a website and then leaving you high and dry, completely unsupported. Our comprehensive maintenance services mean that our expert development team are always available to fix any bugs or glitches as swiftly as possible.

Magento Maintenance Services

At KW Digital, we are confident that we can give you the best possible care package for the ongoing maintenance of your Magento web-store. Here are just a few of the reasons why our Magento maintenance packages are the best in the business:

  • Dedicated Assistance

    KW Digital’s Magento maintenance services are built around you and your business. We aim to give you complete peace of mind, with a dedicated, single point of contact – via one of our highly experienced Magento Certified developers – who can provide timely and effective guidance and support whenever you need it.

  • Rapid Response

    With KW Digital’s dedicated hotline, email support ticket and failsafe notification system, our Magento experts can set to work on your issue immediately, and keep you fully updated at every stage of the process. No frustrating delays, excruciating hold music, or elusive promises – KW Digital gets your problem fixed, fast.

  • Best practice

    KW Digital doesn’t deal in temporary workarounds. We will never modify the core files of your Magento site to fix an issue. Our Magento Certified experts only follow best practice – accrued through experience and rigorous accreditation – to fix the issue. This futureproofs your site from further issues following routine security updates.