Magento – Security

Security is paramount on a Magento e-commerce store, to ensure the safe handling and storage of your customers’ financial and personal data.

KW Digital is committed to protecting the security of your Magento website. There is no escaping the fact that running an e-commerce website carries inherent risks. Fraudsters, credit card scrapers, hackers, viruses and malicious malware are just some of the everyday hazards threatening to compromise the security of your Magento site and your customers’ vital financial and personal details. There simply is no room for error, which is where KW Digital can be your website’s ultimate digital custodians.

Magento Security Solutions

  • PCI compliance

    Our PCI compliance service safeguards the financial information of your customers. Ensuring that your web-store is PCI compliant is an essential requirement for every internet merchant. Failure to meet PCI requirements can result in excessive fines, loss of customer confidence and cancellation of the right to process payments. KW Digital can help your business to meet all the necessary criteria and remain safe in the process.

  • Web Security

    Magento features exceptionally strong in-built security features. However, at KW Digital we understand the importance of educating our clients about the software’s vulnerability to potential security breaches. Fortunately, we have a range of options to bulletproof your Magento web-store from cybercrime. As part of our Magento Security services, we offer full security audits, SSL setups, security patch upgrades and code clean-ups.

  • Rapid Response

    At KW Digital, we make it our business to stay right up to date with all the latest hacking threats and vulnerabilities associated with the Magento platform. We will closely monitor your web-store for any attempts to infiltrate your site. In the unlikely event of a breach of security, our team of highly experienced specialists will neutralise the threat and restore your Magento site back to normal as swiftly as possible.