Open Cart – Hosting

OpenCart gives you a rich user experience, which KW Digital can help you to unlock via our leading North West OpenCart hosting services.

OpenCart is a highly effective and customisable platform for your eCommerce store. As a free, open source platform, with a wide array of extensions and unlimited products, OpenCart has much to offer eCommerce entrepreneurs. KW Digital has developed several OpenCart hosting packages, which are designed to give you optimal server speed, safety and support at a price that’s right.

We take your OpenCart website’s uptime extremely seriously. So, in trusting KW Digital with your OpenCart hosting requirements, you will never need to worry about your server again. KW Digital guarantees 100% uptime for your server, as part of our OpenCart hosting packages. If you need OpenCart hosting in Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, or anywhere else in the North West, KW Digital are for you.

VPS Cloud Hosting

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) Cloud Hosting service allows us to give your OpenCart site greater speed and performance, as well as introducing richer functionality that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible on shared hosting.

  • Cost effective solution

    Reduce IT costs and increase operational efficiency

  • Dedicated space and resources

    Allowing independence from other hosted sites

  • Scalable and manageable

    Easily add more resources, such as RAM, processors, or back-up’s

  • Quality and security

    We only host vetted websites with a UK IP address

  • Fast, flexible and reliable

    The ultimate in control and performance, with the option to scale up!

Managed Dedicated Servers

The gold standard in OpenCart hosting, our managed dedicated servers give your application direct access to the server’s underlying physical hardware, giving your OpenCart store superior speed, security and reliability.

  • Highest levels of performance and up-time

    Guaranteed speed and reliability

  • Ultimate in security and control

    Nothing beats single tenancy

  • Support your most demanding applications

    With high performance Intel® processors

  • Fully scalable

    Extend to the cloud of your choice, add memory, processors, SSD’s, drives…

  • Customised for your needs

    Enjoy a custom architecture for your mission critical operations

100% Uptime Guaranteed

KW Digital guarantees 100% uptime for your server, this guarantee covers 3 key areas in the event of unscheduled service downtime.

  • Network

    Our network has been carefully engineered from the ground up to provide diverse N+1 redundancy at every point. Only premium bandwidth providers are used, as well as top of the range networking hardware. We guarantee 100% uptime on our network, which is defined as the connection from the network card on your server to the outbound port of the datacentre.

  • Infrastructure

    KW Digital Hosting utilises fully redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems as well as backup generators during utility power outages. Environment temperature is monitored and maintained by multiple air conditioning systems (full N+1 redundancy).

  • Hardware

    KW Digital Hosting guarantees the functionality of all server hardware components and will replace any failed component at no cost to the client. Hardware is defined as the Processor(s), RAM, Hard Disk(s), Motherboard, NIC card, and other hardware component within a physical server.