Shopify – Training

With KW Digital’s hands-on Shopify training, we can give you the skills at your fingertips to effectively manage your Shopify storefront with confidence and competence.

Here at KW Digital we want you to be able to access all the functionality and features of your Shopify storefront. Shopify is fully loaded with exceptional features, which can accelerate your sales growth. However, in order to extract the maximum benefits from your Shopify store, we believe that a basic foundation of knowledge can prove invaluable. KW Digital can give you the skills to manage your Shopify store with confidence. Contact us today for Shopify training in the North West.

Why choose Shopify Training from KW Digital?

  • Experienced Trainers

    Our skilled trainers are Shopify specialists. They use the platform regularly, so are right up to date with all the latest features. With our intensive, small group training sessions you and your people can gain access to our experts’ wealth of knowledge. They will answer all of your questions and demonstrate the very latest techniques to help you to manage your Shopify storefront effectively.

  • Hands-on Learning

    We learn from doing. There is little point trying to learn the intricacies of Shopify e-commerce software from the confines of a guidebook. Here at KW Digital, we are firm believers that real-world experience is the most effective route to mastering any digital skill. That is why our Shopify Training sessions are delivered in hands-on, fully interactive environments. Our trainers strive to deliver the most engaging, vocational training sessions possible.

  • Bespoke Workshops

    With Shopify Training from KW Digital, we can arrange bespoke training sessions that are tailored to you; to your chosen number of delegates, specific areas of Shopify learning and preferred length of time (from half-day, full-day and multiple day training sessions). Because our class sizes are smaller, you are guaranteed one-to-one access to your trainer, so your questions always get answered and your learning is vastly accelerated.