TL;DR - A unique & scientific approach to digital, where every action we take is based on what we see in data, rather than hunches.

Some businesses have spent years refining the look of their website and SEO or PPC campaigns, and love them more than most people love their dogs. However, sometimes, it’s important to move away from fancy tech builds and acquisition campaigns and into the world of generating qualified enquiries, for your sales team to convert into orders. This is why we like to apply our unparalleled (if we do say so ourselves) experience in the integration of digital marketing assets to focus on what matters most: improving conversion rates and attracting traffic that is known to convert on your site. Let’s get down to it.

What we offer is as unique as Mariah Carey’s high notes in the world of digital marketing. In an industry that can become quite muddied by smoke and mirrors, we harness the power of your existing digital assets to increase leads, enquiries and opportunities online. Because nobody wants muddy mirrors, right? Even a small percentage increase in conversion rate can have a significant impact on turnover, market share and profitability. So, how exactly do we do this?

Data and Insights

We love numbers! Sorry, we didn’t mean to shout, but this makes our approach an analytical one and always begins with delving into Data and Insights. We analyse historic data from a host of powerful web tools, including Google Analytics and beyond, to identify the most prominent reasons that could be inhibiting your site from achieving its high conversion rate potential. It is because of this process that we can avoid simply going off of whims, and can carry out any critical site or campaign improvements with the confidence of Kanye West promoting a new trainer design.

Developing Hypotheses

Using the insights grounded in your own tangible data, we then develop a series of hypotheses or analytical experiments, kind of like digital scientists. Experiments are carried out to help us test and refine a number of theories, from assessing the best performing creatives, content, CTAs, times of day to release content, audience targeting methods, page layouts – the list is endless.

We like to develop such an extensive list of hypotheses in order to get to pinpoint the factors that will help maximise potential conversion rates. Therefore, this process is exercised until it’s fitter than Usain Bolt and we get the results we set out to achieve – which in our case is always conversion rate targets.


The implementation phase can involve several elements: optimising existing or building new, fit-for-purpose website assets, fixing any existing website usability issues, finding and driving increased highly relevant traffic to the site, or strengthening Domain Authority and reducing wasted advertising spend.
This is the point where we start to carry out the exciting experiments to tweak and finetune conversion rates, like Professor Snape in his Potions class. As part of the implementation process, we may recommend building Social, Display or Search campaigns, content hubs, apps, microsites and even award-winning platforms. As we’ve said, we have unparalleled experience in solving complex digital challenges across an array of industries, so you can rely on us to deliver sustainable incremental growth in conversions, whether that may be leads or sales.

Test, Measure, Refine

Hypothesis testing is a really important part of our process, taking the guesswork out of any recommendations prior to final implementation. We’re well versed in setting-up micro and macro conversion tracking, as we rely on this data to be able to check whether the changes put forward actually improve conversion rates.

Being able to analyse, interpret and report on these findings ensures that no time is wasted making changes that won’t deliver results, so you’ve got more time for online shopping. Finally, by testing multiple hypotheses, we are able to refine campaigns and online activity to ensure that channels and digital assets are being utilised optimally, so that your site can convert at the rate you need.


Working with KW Digital has been a joy!! For the first time in my 25 years of working in the digital industry I’ve finally found a team that utterly understand the data world and paid search / social marketplace . Understanding the way all this works is one aspect that KW have excelled in but also the results they are getting for our clients is really as good as it can get. It’s a happy union between our two agencies!

Bruce Thomas – Modern English