Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising, or paid social, is an important tool in any business’ digital marketing strategy. In many cases, paid social ads can be the most effective method of actually achieving a substantial ROI from social, as, often, the bulk of organic social media posts can be overlooked by your network of followers.

A social media ad can be a piece of paid content or a post that is published on a social media channel. Social media advertising can entail running one-off promoted Tweets or Facebook posts to generate brand awareness, all the way to managing full-scale sales-driven campaigns with major campaign budgets. Each social network can offer an array of opportunities for your business, however it is up to you to understand and decipher exactly which channel will help you achieve your business goals and will allow you to reach your target audience on the social channels that are native to them.

Depending on whether or not you are already using paid social media advertising, we can provide an in-depth analysis of your campaigns and social media profiles to identify key areas for improvement. We can provide you with a detailed analysis of the current competitive landscape and potential opportunities within this arena for your business. This is a crucial stage in the social media ad management process as we will ensure that the right channels have been set up, particularly for your audience. We will optimise each of your social profiles, ensuring that they adhere to industry best practices.

Our Approach

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    Initial paid social audit

    As part of our social media management services, we can help you to pinpoint exactly where the opportunities for growth are within your sector and how implementing a new approach could drastically increase engagement and awareness. After identifying what your commercial goals are, we can provide you with clear steps for improvements and can offer you realistic engagement projections.

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    Conversion tracking set-up

    The beauty of paid social advertising is that it is highly measurable. To prove that our incremental changes are worthwhile, we ensure that micro and macro conversion tracking is in place, so that you can be sure that the changes being made to your account are resulting in positive, impactful changes – not just healthy CTRs.

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    Defining audiences

    With social media PPC, knowledge and data is power. That is why we learn as much as we can about your most profitable audience using insights taken from Google Analytics and social media channels, so that your paid social account can focus on targeting pre-qualified traffic that is likely to convert.

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    Align with business goals

    We structure our PPC campaigns to mirror your business goals. Whether you are looking to increase awareness, get customers to consider your brand, encourage them to purchase or gain their loyalty, we can set up your PPC campaigns to help you target each goal in the most appropriate way.

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    Creation of ad creatives

    Whether these are single image ads or carousel ads, we implement best practices when it comes to crafting the right ads for your audience. After providing us with an initial steer as to what you would like to convey through your ads, we can tap into our in-house team of writers and graphic designers to produce high quality ads that deliver high CTRs and really resonate with your audience.

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    Tone of voice

    On each of your social media channels, we can maintain a consistent tone of voice for your company, in keeping with your target audience. Tone of voice is based on company objectives, competitor research, industry knowledge and customer personas. Success is measured by engagement rate and ROI.

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    Maintenance and reporting

    By conducting regular reports across paid social accounts, we are able to consistently tweak and perfect campaigns and can eradicate any potential problems that could have emerged down the line. By conducting weekly reports, we are agile enough to be able to react effectively to changes in the auction.

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    Strategy setting

    By offering a full breakdown of each component of your paid social account, we can provide reliable recommendations as to how we can move your campaigns forward, in order to generate even more conversions. Part of this process involves ensuring that we look at conversion tracking data and evaluate ROI, so that you get the best ROI for each campaign moving forward.

Benefits of paid advertising on social media

One of the main benefits of paid social media marketing is that you can expand your reach at a relatively low cost. Cheaper than traditional forms of advertising, paid social advertising gives you control over where you spend your budget, how much you spend and when you spend it, which means that you can comfortably trial paid advertising on certain social channels using a relatively low budget, so that you can find out what combination of creatives, ad copy and targeting methods helps you to generate the conversions that matter most to your business.

Furthermore, similar to paid advertising, with advanced social media advertising, you can target precisely who you want your ads to be shown to, whether your objectives are to re-engage existing likers, find new visitors with an affinity to the products that you offer, or even attract fans of a competitor’s page, you can narrow down your campaigns to focus specifically on a set group of pre-qualified leads.