Why choose Shopify?

At KW Digital, we understand that the decision between eCommerce platforms can seem like a daunting one – you’re just starting out, it’s your baby – we understand. Thankfully, platforms like Shopify are around to tempt you towards their cleverly designed software. Completely self-built, Shopify pride themselves on providing a hassle-free platform that can be easily navigated, and we at KW Digital are big fans of the stunning results that customers are presented with at the end of their journey.

Benefits of Shopify

You can sell variations of all your products! Whatever size, colour, material or variation you require, Shopify will allow it (as long as it isn’t anything weird, of course).

Shopify provides you with a handy dashboard that allows you to be in control of sales, orders and traffic at all times – monitoring where your business is doing every little thing right, and where it has room to grow.

Shopify allows you to connect with Amazon, Rakuten Super Logistics and Shipwire, meaning you can fulfill multiple orders with just one click of a button. Put your feet up and relax, we’ve got this.

Your eCommerce platform will be completely mobile ready, as Shopify offers a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. Let your customers browse from anywhere, anytime, and see your uptime soar.

Shopify Maintenance

Securing an eCommerce platform is only the beginning, as the maintenance of this domain is crucial to fixing any bugs, glitches and making allowances for company growth. Whether you opted for a full Shopify web-store build or simply migrated your Shopify website to a hosting package provided by us, we’ve got your backs and are here to help.

We at KW Digital are dedicated to giving you complete peace of mind, which is why we offer a single point of contact with no waiting around or irritating hold music. You need us? You’ve got us. Our dedicated hotline, email support ticket and failsafe notification system can be the comfort blanket you need after the exciting journey of taking on a new eCommerce adventure.

Shopify Training

Training is vital when it comes to understanding the intricate ins and outs of your new eCommerce platform. Here at KW Digital, we have chucked the guidebooks, as we offer skilled trainers that are experts in the field of Shopify to deliver hand-crafted sessions. Why sit and read instructions when you could sit and listen to a vocational speaker?

Our training is hands-on, as we want to leave absolutely no stone unturned. This is your platform now, and we don’t want you left in the dark when it comes to anything Shopify. If you’d like a more specialised lesson, we offer bespoke sessions that allow you to choose the number of delegates that attend, the particular area of Shopify that you would like to focus on, at a time of day to suit you.

Hosting with Shopify

At KW Digital, we like to treat you to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) Cloud Hosting experience, which offers your platform a higher speed and better performance. Despite providing a higher value experience than shared hosting, this method is still cost-effective, flexible and manageable, and allows you to add more features as you go along. Dedicated servers store superior security and a fully scalable cloud of your choice – add drives, SSDs, memory, anything!

With the addition of a fully redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and a carefully engineered network that provides an impressive N+1, we at KW Digital guarantee 100% uptime for your server. Thank us later!

Shopify Security

At KW Digital, we understand that having an impenetrable level of security is paramount to securing the trust of customers. There are bad people out there – fraudsters, crooks, the list is endless – and we’re here to make sure they they’re not going anywhere near your personal information, or the information of your customers.

Put your mind at ease when it comes to the financial details of your customers, as our PCI compliance server creates a bulletproof fortress for them to reside in. Along with this, Shopify comes with its own cleverly designed security features, and we at KW Digital offer full security audits, SSL setups, security patch upgrades and code clean-ups – nobody is getting in any time soon, trust us.

Furthermore, trained experts in the field are monitoring the activity of your platform at all times, meaning that anything suspicious will be picked up on immediately and you will be notified. We offer rapid response time for any problems that slip under the radar, and work to make sure that your domain is back in working order as soon as possible.


KW Digital were able to interpret our requirements and develop a turnkey website solution that would enable us to channel customers to Monomer. This has freed up time for us to concentrate on the bespoke aspects of our sister company, Martin’s Rubber.

Claire Clarke – Martin’s Rubber